Are these The Police of the Future?

The Chairman of The Peel Society, Nigel Morris, gave a talk last Thursday, January 14th to years 1 and 2 at Austrey Church of England Primary School. The visit was organised by Mrs Lynn Clere.

The illustrated talk tried to explain by a series of contemporary cartoons why there is a statue of Sir Robert Peel in Tamworth and why our hospital is named after him. Nigel took along with him some police items from the Peel Collection including a truncheon, handcuffs, a rattle, whistle and a lamp. The students also wanted to try on a jacket and a helmet from the Staffordshire Police, hence the photos. The students asked some interesting questions.

Nigel Morris said that he enjoyed the visit. He likes to open students’ minds to the importance of Sir Robert Peel to Tamworth and the United Kingdom. The school also received the Peel Society Primary School pack, which was designed by member David Hine, a primary school head teacher, so that they can continue to study Sir Robert Peel.

The Peel Society is anxious to do this presentation at other schools in the district. For further information, please visit our web site