BBC Antiques Road Trip visits Middleton Hall twice

Charles Hanson and Nigel Morris at the start of filming.

The popular BBC series Antiques Road Trip has recently made two visits to Middleton Hall.

The first visit was in April this year when the well known local auctioneer, Charles Hanson, interviewed Nigel Morris, Chairman of the Peel Society, about Sir Robert Peel (1788 – 1850) and his political achievements.  Sir Robert Peel is well known for the establishment of the modern police force by the Metropolitan Police Act 1829.

The interview took place in the Peel Museum at Middleton Hall B78 2AE. This museum is established since 2004 and in 2016 moved into a larger room. This interview will be broadcast during the Antiques Road Trip on BBC 1 on Wednesday, October 4th at 4.30 p.m.

The film crew were back on Sunday last to buy some antiques from Meadowview Antiques, which is situated in the Middleton Hall courtyard complex. No doubt this will be broadcast in the not too distant future.

Middleton Hall and The Peel Museum regularly attracts media interest due to the uniqueness of the site and the political interest in Sir Robert Peel.