Peeling back the Family Archives

Staff from the Staffordshire Archive team were recently asked to advise the Peel Society on cataloguing archive material held at their museum at Middleton Hall. Following an initial visit it was agreed that the Service would assist society volunteers in “box-listing” uncatalogued documents.

To initiate the process, two members of staff from Lichfield Record Office spent two days listing this material. Key information, such as document title, a brief description of content, covering dates, provenance, format and date of accession, was recorded, and an identifying number allocated to each item, or group of documents. This created a summary of materials to be catalogued later.

Archive staff will spend a further day at Middleton Hall in the near future, continuing this work. They will also train society volunteers, so that they can complete box-listing of outstanding documents. This preparatory work will enable the Peel Society to organise their Peel family archives, before beginning detailed cataloguing. If you are interested in visiting the Peel Museum you can find out more on opening times at the Middleton Hall website.

Taken from:- February edition of the Staffordshire Archives & Heritage Update