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The Peel Society was founded in 1979 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the establishment of the Metropolitan Police Force. It is a national, non-political, historical society which is a registered charity.

Sir Robert Peel Second Baronet is remembered for many notable Acts of Parliament, such as the founding of the Metropolitan Police in 1829 and in the same year, Catholic Emancipation.  In 1834, he issued the first party political manifesto, known as the “Tamworth Manifesto”. In his administration of 1841-1846, he repealed the Corn Laws, which enabled the working class to enjoy cheaper food.
The Society promotes the study of the life, works and times of Sir Robert Peel and the Peel Family. The Society has now established the Peel Museum at Middleton Hall on the outskirts of Tamworth, one mile from Drayton Manor the former Peel family home. 

Within the Museum, Sir Robert Peel’s forbears and descendants are featured, ranging from Robert “Parsley” Peel and his Eighteenth Century excursions into calico printing through to Beatrice Lillie, star of stage and screen, who was Lady Peel, wife of bandleader Sir Robert Peel, Fifth Baronet, who died 55 years before she did in 1989.

We are always looking for local volunteers to help us run the Museum, so if you have an hour or two free and an liking for history, why not join us or send us a note via the CONTACT US Menu.

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Peel Museum The Peel Museum

Future Events & News
  • AGM News

    The Peel Society AGM will be on 25th March 2020 at Drayton Manor.

  • A commemoration of the wedding and Death

    To commemorate the 5th January 1920 wedding of Beatrice Lillie and Robert Peel and the 20th January 1989 death of Lady Peel (Beatrice Lillie), Society members visited both St. Paul's, Fazeley to hear the story of the wedding and St. Peter's, Drayton Bassett after a Church tour, placed a wreath on Sir Roberts grave followed by a meal at a local pub.

    The Society also have a British Pathé Licence to show the 1920 film of the wedding, which also shows Drayton Manor, six years before most of it was pulled down, you may see the 3 minute Pathé film at the Peel Museum, Middleton Hall.

  • The Peelers are coming....

    The Peel Society Peelers have a very busy schedule of talks in local schools and clubs up to Easter, starting in Kingsbury, followed by Lichfield, West Bromwich, Drayton Bassett, No Mans Heath and South Staffs National Trust.

    If you would like the Peelers to visit your school or club? please see the "Education Page" or e-Mail the Society to book a power-point talk.

The Peel Society celebrates 40 years
The chief guest at the dinner on 16th July 2019 to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the foundation of The Peel Society was the current commissioner of the Metropolis, Cressida Dick CBE, QPM. After a hectic day in London, she gave an illuminating talk on the relevance of Sir Robert Peel in todays environment. 

The Commissioner told the 120 members and friends of the Peel Society that she had taken a passing out parade of new recruits to the Metropolitan Police the previous Friday at the Hendon Police College and had insisted on having her photograph taken with the recruits by the statue of Sir Robert Peel because his ideas on the founding of the Metropolitan Police in 1829 still resonate today.

Commissioner Cressida Dick Visits the Peel Museum – 29th July 2018

It is the second time she has visited the Peel Museum but was impressed with the development since she last came. The Museum as just under gone a major upgrade with help from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF).