Membership Page

If you wish to join the Peel Society? Please go to the JOIN Page via the JOIN SOCIETY Menu.

If you are a Peel Society member and wish to visit the MEMBERS AREA, you will require a USERNAME and PASSWORD
If you don't have one, please use the CONTACT US Menu, giving your Name, Address and e-Mail, so we can send you, your login details.

What do you get for joining the Peel Society?

By becoming a member you will be helping the Society in its major objective – to establish and run a Peel and Police Museum.

In addition you will also be able to take part in all the Societies events including:

      • The many trips and events organised by the Society.
      • Attend talks and lectures on Peel related subjects.
      • Admission to Society Meetings.
      • Quarterly Newsletter.
      • Notice of all Society Meetings.
      • Introduce guests to Society Meetings.
      • Vote at General Meetings.
      • The Annual Banquet at Drayton Manor.

The Peel Society membership card gives you free admission (member only) to Middleton Hall and the Peel Museum.

The member will also get a 20% discount card to use at DRAYTON MANOR PARK for all "In-Park Retail", "In-Park Catering", "Grill Inn" and "Hotel Restaurant" also Bed & Breakfast, Hotel Accommodation will be heavily discounted. 

The Peel Society wish to thank Drayton Manor Theme Park for this offer.